If it’s worth doing – do it properly, right?


Fire alarm notification appliance

OK, the other day we had a fire drill. Standing in the sun outside and watching the rest of the building leave through the front doors, some colleagues and I debated the merits of such an exercise. It seemed such a farce that we were participating in what seemed to amount to all leaving for lunch at the same time. Now don’t get me wrong, I’d hate to be unprepared for an emergency and I see the value in training for possibilities. However, another recent event reignighted the frustrations of interruptions to work for fire drills. The more recent incident was a call for help from outside. A woman came into our office and asked for Continue reading

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Is this the world we live in or am I the mad one?

Fist Vector Image

So  I take the bus most days. Public transport is better for the environment, my wallet, and parking in town is hard to find where I live. The suburb I live in is city-fringe and not poor (although my abode is a simple one-bedroom flat – see previous post). Now I like to watch people to see the balance between peculiarities that make us individuals and the conformity that keeps civility. Most people on the bus route that I join about half-way in its journey are peaceful looking, normal folk who listen to music, read, or just stare out the window on the commute. But this story isn’t about my reaction to one of them – it’s about a reaction to me. The incident occurred on the walk from the bus stop to my home. I got off Continue reading

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Customised children

Charles Darwin, photographed by Julia Margaret...

I’m struck by two recent information pieces I’ve consumed in the past week. The first was a TED talk (love them!) about the possibility that the next generation might be a different species. The other information piece was a little less “natural-Darwinian” and was about, essentially, genetic engineering of children for medical purposes – to treat mitochondrial disease, specifically.

It seems inevitable, whether through evolution that has occurred throughout time, or through evolution facilitated by man, that humans will look very different in the future. Or is it?

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Another sucker punch for English or just a glimpse of the future?

During an unscheduled procrastination break I read an article claiming that technology, specifically the spell-check feature, is lulling us into a false sense of wordsmanship (http://bbc.in/KHrm4c). I, and others, have previously commented on the decision by at least one country to allow txt English in school exams (see http://bit.ly/MpCPY3 for more of the debate). This newly published article suggests an intermediary step in what could be seen as evolution of our communication. While the youngsters and hipsters of our society might be Continue reading

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Paying for electrons and the content / service they represent

Free | moneyWe’ve all heard the stories of $1 apps for smartphones or tables selling millions of copies. I am fascinated by this phenomina when most of the apps are available in a similar form for free. OK, there are some adds that may pop up and some designers have left out some features in the free version but is that really enough for someone to part with a dollar? I guess so.

It’s then not a surprise that other online content is going the same way. I recently flicked to Continue reading

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A week off

This is how it was [most of the time]So four months is a while to wait for a honeymoon, traditionally speaking (although current trends suggest this might be really old fashioned). Either way, I took a week away on an island with my new wife, without a computer, with little need for much clothing, and with the intention of taking a break. It was

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Now, for some politics

Am I missing something or is the US really that far behind and isolated from the rest of the world? Two cases for the somewhat provocative question come to mind: healthcare and education. Some might regard these two services as essential to the long-term success of a country. Why then does the United States seem to be so entrenched in archaic notions of doing business?

OK, enough with the rhetorical questions…

I want to only briefly touch on healthcare because Continue reading

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