What am I doing here?

I fondly remember starting my first diary. It seemed like eons from the time I thought it would be a good idea until I  actually put pen to paper. Similar this blog thing has been a seed in the depths of my grey matter for a while now. My very first diary included a promise to myself not to write rubbish (I’ll try to find it and post verbatim here for posterity). I’d like to say the same about this blog but I fear it will meet the same fate as my diary and I’d like not to repeat a failed promise. I can only say that I will try my best to make this something that could perhaps make someone smile, or think, or be inspired, or elicit an emotion other than abject boredom.

Like my pen-and-paper diary, I’m not quite sure why I’ve started posting things on the internet. I do remember the cathartic feeling of purging emotion and thought onto a page and I can see that typing it into the ether is little different. It is easier to access away from home but that flexibility comes with the inevitable loss of privacy. This brings me to the title of my little blog, here. You see, as I’ve joined the community of people sending text free among the network somewhat late in the piece, many of the “good” names for a blog about general life stuff had been taken. Names such as “mylife”, “lifeinmylane” etc. Then I started to think about other people in my life and how much of an impact they have on me. You see, it’s not JUST about me! My experiences, my emotions, my life are all heavily influenced by the other players on stage. So attributing reference solely to me for the stories and tidbits I may share here would be akin to plagiarism. So, please, when citing the work, remember me et al.


About meetal

Just a guy with some thoughts, hoping to improve each day.
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