The good ol’ days

So starting this blog thing made me dig out the old pen-and-paper diary I kept from 22 July 1999 through to 12 Jan of a year that I didn’t record but detective work revealed to be 2002. I retrieved the keepsake because I wanted to know what potentially unkept promise I’d made about only writing amazing entries (see previous post). [As a side note, I really don’t like admitting that I didn’t keep a promise – even potentially – as I consider my word my bond. I hope you’ll all forgive me.] So it turns out that I began with:

Well I thought about doing something like this before. On several occasions in fact. Just writing down something that happens to me or something I feel that is worth – or at least perceived to be worth at the time – writing down…

It goes on about the virtues of keeping memories in this form and reveals that part of the reason I hadn’t embarked on the adventure until 22 July was because it was a scary thought. I didn’t elaborate at the time but I feel a certain sense of dread with this opening up to the world also (I guess that’s what I meant). I eventually get to the quote I was referring to before:

I’m not going to write crap in this…

Reading on in the 94-leaf 2B8 book containing 18 months of memories from my life I found myself transported back to “the good ol’ days”. Days where I was in the final year of high-school and hormones were running high; it seems that not an entry goes by without at least a mention of an ex or current love interest/girlfriend. I also remember how busy I was when the second entry starts with “I am so so busy” and continues to elaborate on the list of things I was involved with at the time (I won’t enumerate them here but if you ask nicely I may tell). It was easier then because the pressures of rent, washing, and bills were much more abstract then they are now. Wasn’t it? I remember the societal pressure of performing well academically in order to go to uni and get a good job eventually and the more self-inflicted pressure of finding a job to gain experience and have some pocket-money. I remember the pressures of sports which, as I excelled at some, demanded training schedules of up to 3 sessions a day, every day of the week, at its peak and the peer pressures of being cool (usually related to your ability to attract said love interest(s)).

Toward the latter half of the journal, I write about my whirlwind Europe trip (and the back of the book lists the 18 countries me and a friend visited in 2 months). This was at a time before the Euro when countries had their own individual currency (and paper/metal money was still the primary method of exchange for goods and services). We had an amazing time but stories from that trip might be told in future posts. I guess what it made me think about was whether those really were “the good ol’ days”. Will I look back at this in another decade and think “wow, those were amazing times”? Will ’99-’02 always be considered the good ol’ days? I’m not quite sure what defines good or old but I’d like to think that the current days are pretty good and the future will be even better! But it’s not enough to think or wish things – action should be taken. That’s why I’ve made choices about where I work, who I marry, who I spend free time with and what and where we do do all of this. Sure, there are times when a compromise is needed and short-term pain for long-term gain is usually the better than fleeting hedonism (at least I think so – disagree if you want), but on the whole I look at the days since ’02, especially the more recent years, and realize that, while there are more bills than before, I have it pretty good. I also look at some of the journal entries and realize that those “good ol’ days” came with some pretty serious (at the time) bad ones; reminiscing about yonder-year has helped remind me how lucky I am. Thanks for helping me remember!


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