Give the people what they want

In the first post, I wrote that these words on the internet were meant to be consumed and induce a sense of anything but boredom. However, up until a few days ago I didn’t really tell anyone that I was doing it. “What was the point?” you may ask – and rightly so. I think it was equal measures therapy, practice, and optimism. Therapy, in that I really do find it cathartic to purge thoughts and this medium is well suited to that; practice, because part of my work requires a certain amount of written eloquence; and I was optimistic that someone may like it. Turns out some do – I’ve had some good feedback to the posts and so have been encouraged to continue. That brings me to my first real dilemma, though: what on earth do I write about, really?

An audience

I have little formal training in marketing but am astute enough, I think, to realise that part of the art of selling something is deciding who is going to buy it. As I’d like to have an audience for this, I thought about who would read it. This led me to see what the “freshly pressed” bloggers were talking about and why they had a following. It seems that there’s little consistent across subject matter or formatting. However, they were generally well written, usually had a picture or two, and often had a point/theme. So who is reading all this content? I am hazarding a guess that it’s reasonably intelligent people either looking for something distracting (like books used to provide) or seeking some advice or info on a particular topic. Perhaps I’m wrong: why are you reading this? What would you like to see more of here?


Armed with my meanderings through other people’s blogs and the quasi-analysis results, you may have noticed some “improvements”. The writing style may the same but I am hoping things improve over time – that is, after all, one of the reasons for doing all this. The headings – not a list, but rather milestones for those who want to cut to the chase (not really the content for that, huh?) or continue where they left off should there be an interruption. Look out for the list in future posts. I’ve also decided to share some of the pictures I’ve taken up here. They are but a small sample taken from my library. I do not profess to be a photographer (there are people I know with far more aptitude for that art) but like these for different reasons and think they are for sharing. There are also pictures I have which I did not take and if I can find their source will post with the appropriate reference. If you like the shots below enough to copy them, please remember to reference me et al.

Sir William Wallace ironically fenced in. Cultural generation-gap?

The left image is a favourite irony of mine: Sir William Wallace fenced in. The right image I love for the innocence of a boy choosing to play an electronic game while surrounded by fine art in the Louvre.

The future

So perhaps thse changes are in vein. Perhaps no one will read this. That’s OK. I may still continue for the first two objectives. Whatever the future holds, I am happy to be somewhat guided by the audience so please feel free to criticise, compliment, or just comment. If you let me know what you want, you may just get it…


About meetal

Just a guy with some thoughts, hoping to improve each day.
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