Sharing a wall with the crazy techno-queen – all advice appreciated

English: Woodleigh, Boyatt Wood A newly-built ...I live in an apartment. Well, it’s more of a unit but let’s not split hairs.

Apartments are a great invention:  

  • People can live close to work, cutting down carbon footprints
  • Centres seem to be more ‘alive’ for those who like husstle and busstle
  • There is often security and facilities available
  • Affordable housing for more people (a different form of security)

They also have some drawbacks:

  • Rude, inconsiderate, noisy neighbours can be hard to deal with

And so you see, after over 2 years in our little pad, the ugly side of sharing a wall with other tenants rears its head…

It all started toward the end of last year. New neighbours had moved in while we were on holiday. We returned and couldn’t ignore the house music blaring from their stereo without a break from midday till midnight and beyond. EVERY DAY/NIGHT. We’re reasonable people, I like to think, and so let what we thought were festivities pass for a while – it was, after all, coming up to the new year.

After a few weeks of non-stop ultra-bass keeping us up at night and preventing peaceful time during the afternoon, I decided to have a chat. Festivities it was not; it seems the beats were some form of medication…

I knock on the door
“Who There?”
“Your neighbour”
“Your neighbour”
Door opens sharply on chain. A middle-aged Chinese woman pokes her head around door and looks at me.
Door slams shut.

While that little interaction did result in a lowering of the music volume, there were now sounds of doors being slammed, pots being thrown, and she started screaming abuse to an unknown co-tenant/us “FU*K YOU!! FU*K OFF!! [somethingindistinguishible – possiblyChinese, maybeenglish]!!!! FU*K OFF!! FU*K!! FU*K YOU!!…”

This continued for a while and eventually we got a few hours sleep. The next night was almost a carbon copy. Except that the neighbour downstairs came out and we had a chat. Turns out they have a similar issue and get the same crazed response to what could be a “welcome to the block” visit – I didn’t say anything on my first visit. The couple and their young child downstairs hear not only the music and the banging but, aparently, she decides to clean each night around the time clocks start keeping track fo a new day. The cleaning is done such that sweeping, moving, whatever can be heard below and upset the trio (not least, the infant). It seems that when the music is up, the cleaning/shouting is subdued; and when the music is turned down (on request or otherwise), the insanity increases. Such is the dilema…

We’ve called in the council and “noise police” have attended the scene, warned her on numerous occasions, and told us on their second visit that we shouldn’t go near there as they were threatened with a knife the first time.

There’s a lot more to this story (including a broken window) but we’re in the process of drafting a letter to the owner of the property and may take it further if there is no resolution. There have also been thoughts of flaming turds, cutting off her power, and other retaliative actions but we want to keep being grown-ups for the time being. Just wanted to see what others have done in similar situations… any advice?


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