Peaks and troughs or calmer waters

The Black Sea

“Life’s a bitch and then you die” was, according to the wonderful world wide web of writers, first made public by Nas in an album (ref). Sometimes it does seem like everything is against you and life really isn’t that much of a mensch (what I think of as the antithesis of a bitch). For some, this is what life is. A cold, black sea of bad punctuated by islands of glorious sunshine and palm trees, however small and short-lived.

 Then there are some who see the dark times as troughs and the islands as peaks but live mostly on the plains. Which one are you and is there really a difference?


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Just a guy with some thoughts, hoping to improve each day.
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2 Responses to Peaks and troughs or calmer waters

  1. The Boy! says:

    First off, the image to me seems like a peak because it looks calm. I suppose I could be the glass half-full kind of guy (even though I know I just drank half of it).

    • meetal says:

      Some might see it as a cold, rugged, and unkind place. It’s all in the eye of the glass-holder.

      Depending what was in the glass, drinking half of it could be the reason for half-full-ness….

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