Progressing paper – perhaps parsimoniously present

Paper Mache sculpture of person reading a book... I love technology. I also like books. I would consider myself “old-fashioned”. You see, I marvell at coloured ink, iPads, Kindles, and the like. I also like the feel of a book. I like the possible readership of the internet but pen-to-paper has a certain poetry to it.

There are even branches of pseudoscience claiming to derive insight into an author’s persona by the way they pen work. At school, I was always jealous of those who could write so neatly and perfectly. My scribbles resembled those of a prescription pad. I digress…

You see, I enjoyed a talk given by Chip Kidd and related to smelling a book and feeling the pages, making notes in the margin, and dog-earing bookmarks. I also couldn’t help but be reminded of the benefits of electronic stories. Does the future have a need for paper or will the dissolvable highlighter become a joke our grandchildren tell – like we jest about those large, square, black things we put into computers? The recent announcemnet of the last ever print edition of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica was not an April fools joke. How quickly will all printed books move to an electronic format?

While the electronic form may argually provide more productivity given the ease of cross-referencing, bookmarking, copying etc, there is something to be said for turning a page, seeing the previous highlights, and smelling the faded paper. Or am I just really old-fashioned?


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