A week off

This is how it was [most of the time]So four months is a while to wait for a honeymoon, traditionally speaking (although current trends suggest this might be really old fashioned). Either way, I took a week away on an island with my new wife, without a computer, with little need for much clothing, and with the intention of taking a break. It was


You see, moving from one job right into another with just a weekend in between left little time for time-out. Sure, there was the week of the wedding but that was taken up with obligatory family meals, friend invites, and in-laws. All lovely but hardly a relaxing time. This holiday is epitomised by the picture we took (above). A lounge-chair, the ocean, and some sunlight. It remineded me of the need to get away, recharge the batteries, and leave work/technology behind. Rather than waxing lyrical about all that – I leave you with a panaorama picture (I was a little slow so it doesn’t quite match up but you get the picture) to speak thousands of words.


About meetal

Just a guy with some thoughts, hoping to improve each day.
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