Progressing paper – perhaps parsimoniously present

Paper Mache sculpture of person reading a book... I love technology. I also like books. I would consider myself “old-fashioned”. You see, I marvell at coloured ink, iPads, Kindles, and the like. I also like the feel of a book. I like the possible readership of the internet but pen-to-paper has a certain poetry to it.

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The perils of polylinguists

Multilingual welcome sign (Guernésiais on top)...

I am unilingual. Despite being exposed to many languages over the years (even at a young age), I can only utter a few words in a handful of tongues outside of English. My hat tips to those with bilingual abilities and full admiration to poly-linguists with command over more than two dictionaries. My wife is one such amazing person – she can speak four completely different languages (Spanish, English, Japanese, and Danish)! It is so impressive as to actually have been an amusing problem. You see, Continue reading

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Peaks and troughs or calmer waters

The Black Sea

“Life’s a bitch and then you die” was, according to the wonderful world wide web of writers, first made public by Nas in an album (ref). Sometimes it does seem like everything is against you and life really isn’t that much of a mensch (what I think of as the antithesis of a bitch). For some, this is Continue reading

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Sharing a wall with the crazy techno-queen – all advice appreciated

English: Woodleigh, Boyatt Wood A newly-built ...I live in an apartment. Well, it’s more of a unit but let’s not split hairs.

Apartments are a great invention:  

  • People can live close to work, cutting down carbon footprints
  • Centres seem to be more ‘alive’ for those who like husstle and busstle
  • There is often security and facilities available
  • Affordable housing for more people (a different form of security)

They also have some drawbacks: Continue reading

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Luck has nothing to do with it. Really?

Recently, I’ve had to confront my beliefs about destiny. You see, I have a rather strong internal locus of control (type A; DISC D; Earth element; whatever other box/test you want to use…). It’s not that I don’t see how luck plays a role, it’s just that I’d prefer to believe that I can control most of what happens to me in the future: whether that’s because I look for opportunities, keep in touch with helpful people, or simply work hard. There has to be a certain amount of opportunity around but I tend toward the “make your own” camp. A camp that is supported by science.


That was until two recent events made me reconsider. … read more

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We humans are interesting creatures. Such a flippant remark, I realise, is all-encompassing when really I am only thinking of myself. However, experience of others plays a role in such a comment. As does the need to believe that I am not a solitary “interesting creature”. You see, I have a job which affords a great deal of freedom taxed with more personal responsibility than I usually burden myself with (and that’s generally a lot anyway). So, it happens that when the mountain of tasks becomes and Everest I choose to forego a Saturday morning or a Sunday afternoon of time with friends or family to venture into the office or sit in front of my computer at home. It’s not a decision that I take lightly but it still takes some time to warm to the idea of working during what should be personal time. The strange part of all this is that … read more

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Give the people what they want

In the first post, I wrote that these words on the internet were meant to be consumed and induce a sense of anything but boredom. However, up until a few days ago I didn’t really tell anyone that I was doing it. “What was the point?” you may ask – and rightly so. I think it was equal measures therapy, practice, and optimism. Therapy, in that I really do find it cathartic to purge thoughts and this medium is well suited to that; practice, because part of my work requires a certain amount of written eloquence; and I was optimistic that someone may like it. Turns out some do – I’ve had some good feedback to the posts and so have been encouraged to continue. That brings me to my first real dilemma, though: … read more

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